Saturday, July 30, 2011

An Abundance Spell

This simple abundance spell requires an aventurine stone, a heat resistant plate or candle holder, and matches. I like the aventurine because it's used for prosperity, success, money, abundance and luck. I'm using a green candle because green is the color of growth and we want to grow our abundance. I use a 6" pillar candle as a dedicated abundance candle. You can use any kind of candle though. If you use the pillar candle make sure to trim the wax occasionally so the flame's light can still reach the aventurine.

If you can, it is best to begin this on a Thursday, the day of prosperity and abundance, and on a New Moon is preferable. I realize we can't always use the proper time, day and moon, but every little bit does help.

In a quiet place where it won't be disturbed, place a green candle on a heat resistant plate large enough to also hold the green stone or a candle and holder with enough space around it to set your stone next to it. Place your aventurine on the plate or next to the candle holder so that when the candle is lit, the flame will shine on your aventurine.

Once the candle is lit, sit in front of it for at least 5 minutes visualizing that which you need most to come into your life. If it's money, see yourself writing out checks and grocery shopping. Whatever it is that you are trying to grow in your life, see yourself already having it. The key to this is simple: you can bring into your life those things which you can imagine yourself having. Don't think "Seeing is Believing" think "Believing is Seeing".

Light the candle everyday for 5 days because 5 is the number of expansion, increase, richness and propagation. Do this in the morning as soon as you wake up.

It is important to remember with abundance spells that if the thing you need is money, you should imagine getting a raise or more work instead of dollars just falling from the heavens. Remember to work your spell for the good of all and harm to none.

If you like, you can chant this simple charm or something else similar to it as you sit in front of the candle.

"Glowing, growing, flaming one
Bring abundance and you’re done
For the good of all to come
Bring it forth, an’ it harm none."

After the 5 days are up, trim any dripping wax off of the candle and bury in the earth. You can use this candle at another time as long as you are going to continue using it in this way and for the purpose of abundance only.

Take your aventurine outside and leave it as a gift or offering.

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