Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sympathetic Magick Part 2

In the Home:
1. It’s good to have at least three amulets of protection in the home near the house altar, on or near doors and windows or near the hearth.
2. Protective stones can be placed in white pouches and tied with red yarn. For the greatest effect, mix different kinds of stones together and perhaps a few herbs as well.
3. Fossils can be placed on window sills, hearths or ceiling beams.

In the Kitchen:
1. Aloe Vera is grown in the kitchen window for protection, as are African Violet and cacti.
2. Hang a rope of garlic or cloves on the window sill.
3. Hang lead glass crystal sun catchers in the window.

1. Fill a small jar with alfalfa and keep it in the cupboard to ensure it will always be full of food stores.
2. Place a mortar and pestle in the kitchen window
3. Be sure to put a little food from each meal outside as an offering.

1. Aloe Vera, African Violet- kitchen protection.
2. African Violet- spirituality, peace, Goddess
3. Peace Lily- protection, peace, harmony
4. Lavender- blessing
5. Cactus- protection- have 1 growing in a window of each direction
6. Norfolk island pine for Yule

1. Psychic powers- honeysuckle, marigold, roses, thyme
2. Loving household- hyacinth, lavender, morning glory
3. Money- mint, chamomile, clover, dill, basil
4. Prosperity- pine, oak, apple trees
5. Luck- sunflower, hydrangea
6. Vegetation Deity for magical gardens- Pomona, Pan, Faunus, Tammuz, Enkimdu, Bacchus, Dionysus, Priapus, Isis, Demeter and Adonis

1. Deity statues
2. A small rectangular rock placed up right on the ground like a pillar with a flat rounded rock in front as offering stone. You can also use an old tree stump.
3. Place bits of grain, gemstones, money, milk, water or wine on the altar in honor of Goddess.
4. Burn stick incense (poked in the ground) weekly and in conjunction with new plantings in garden.
5. Place small images of animals in the garden.

1. Take an image, statue or stone and standing in your garden.
2. Lift the image ceremonially to the 4 directions.
3. Pour red wine or apple cider over the stone to empower it with life.
4. Charge it with your powers of visualization to magically guard the garden and house and all that dwells within them.
5. Place the guardian in a focal spot in the garden.

1. Place hematite inside the car in the glove box.
2. Make an infusion of bay, rosemary or dill. Use in a spray bottle to spray the car.
3. Sprinkle salt onto the car’s hood, roof & floor inside.
4. Put small pouch of rosemary, dill & basil in the car’s hubcap for protection.
5. Quartz Crystal: sit in the car with a crystal in your power hand. Firmly visualize your car and everything that will ever be within it guarded from danger. See your car bathed in the glow of magical protective blue light or flames. Visualize it remaining in perfect working order. Place it somewhere safe in the car. You may place it in a pouch in the glove box or somewhere else.
6. A bit of plantain leaf or tiger’s eye placed in the car are two more good protective talismans.

1. Burn Basil, clove, dill, nutmeg, pine needles, sage, chamomile and/or cinnamon over coals while chanting: “Bring me what I need. Only what I need. So mote it be!” Three times.
2. Place 7 coins, violet leaves, cinquefoil, aventurine, tiger’s eye, citrine, black obsidian in a green bag.

Sympathetic magic is about keeping it simple. The easiest solutions usually win out over the complications of long, drawn out ceremonies and rituals. A statue of one of your favorite ferocious animals sitting on your front porch will act as a deterrent for any negative energy trying to get in your home. Sit a statue of a lion on your porch and imagine him protecting you and yours from all danger. Visualize streams of purple energy coming from his eyes driving away all evil spirits and energy in the vicinity. Place a little hematite next to your lion to mirror away any stray bad vibes and you’re good to go.

One of my favorite things about sympathetic magic is that sometimes all you need is the color scheme. When first starting down this path, it can be daunting to find the right materials to cast that spell for abundance or healing. I have found that if all you have are some old aquarium stones in the garage, that’s good enough. As long as you’ve got the colors you need, you’re on your way. I’m also a fan of sachets; little bags of herbs smelling up the room with good vibrations of whatever you need at the moment. Need some peace and harmony, get yourself some lavender in hang it in a bag above your bed along with some sage for purification and rosemary for protection. Remember, less is more.

In part from Scott Cunningham's The Magical Household

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