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The Element of Air

This is the beginning of a 4 part series about the Elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

The Elements can be found in us, in the physical as well as spiritual; the visible as well as the invisible. They also act as Guardians between this world and the next as well as Guardians of the God and Goddess. As we spin our circle round, we call them in to act as protectors and witnesses of the rites we work therein.

Air, Fire, Water and Earth are a part of us everyday. We breathe in and out the Air around us every moment of our lives. It blows us clean as we stand in the fields, arms outstretched in supplication. We have, for all eternity, used Fire to warm our weary bones and it is this fire, this electricity within us that sends the impulses to and through our brains for love and memory and pain. We leap these bonfires of life at our Sabbats; our Holy Festivals. Water makes up most of our body weight and without it, we would die. We need its moist, cool essence to cleanse us for our Rites. The Earth, our Mother, our home. We would be nowhere without here. That “pale blue dot” as Carl Sagan calls her, is our home, our bond and our Mother. We would not exist were it not for the Earth.
In truth, we would not exist if even one of these four Elements were missing. We need them to protect us in our mundane lives as well as our spiritual ones. Without them we would only be stardust.

The meanings of most of the elemental correspondences are easy enough to understand. There are a few that may need a little explanation. If you have been around Wicca long enough or if you have studied anything related to Western esoteric mysticism, most if not all of these terms will be familiar to you.

Bija- The term literally means seed and is used as a metaphor for the origin or cause of things. According to the Yogacara school of Buddhism, all experiences and actions produce Bija as impressions stored in the consciousness. The external world is produced when the seeds "perfume" this consciousness. This idea of Bija has been likened to memes (as genes transmit biological information, memes can be said to transmit ideas and belief information).

Buddhist Mantra- A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of creating spiritual transformation.

Cities of Danaan- The four great cities from which the Tuatha de Danaans were said to have sprung.

Goetia- This refers to a practice which includes the invocation of angels or the evocation of demons.

Dialectic Process- is a method of argument, which has been central to both Indic and European philosophy since ancient times. Dialectic is based on a dialogue between two or more people who may hold opposing views, yet wish to seek the truth of the matter through the exchange of their viewpoints while applying reason.

Enochian- is a name often applied to an angelic language recorded in the private journals of John Dee, a noted English occultist and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I. He devoted much of his life to the study of alchemy, divination, and Hermetic philosophy. He claimed that it was revealed to him by angels. There are those that consider it to be completely fabricated, albeit viable for magical workings. There are others who consider it to be a poor copy of another ancient language.

Ogham- This is the Celtic or Druidic tree alphabet of twenty five letters grouped in to five different groups or Acime’s or Aicme’s. Each Acime’s or Aicme’s is named after its first letter.

Tattwa- The term tattwas means realities or states of being and they are the primal energies that underlie the elements of Hindu philosophy.

Tetramorph/Kerub - This is a symbolic arrangement of the four different elements the form of three animals and a man and also a representation of the four biblical characters of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Qabalah- This is a mystical tradition that is the underlying philosophy for magical societies such as the Golden Dawn, and is a precursor to the Neopagan, Wiccan and New Age movements.

Sephiroth- The ten attributes that God created through which He can manifest. Arranged on the Qabalistic Tree of Life from bottom (earthly manifestation) to top (spiritual manifestation) they are: 10- Malkuth, 9- Yesod, 8- Hod, 7- Netzach, 6- Tiphareth, 5- Geburah, 4-Chesed, 3- Binah, 2- Chokmah and 1- Kether. Each one, beginning with Malkuth and ending in Kether is spherical step up the ladder to become one with Divinity.

AIR- To Know

Affirmation- I am intelligent.

Age of Man- birth

Alchemical Element Equivalent- Azoth

Alchemical Metal- mercury

Angelic Elemental Ruler- Chassan

Animals- eagle, hawk, all birds, winged angels, flying insects, spiders, dove

Animal World Totems- Flying Creatures, wolf, eagle, hawk, deer, cats, most day birds, horses, butterflies; air, creativity, illuminator.

Archangel- Raphael

Basic Nature- Flying, Moving, Fresh, Intelligent, Suspending

Bija- Yam (Yaungg)

Bodily Liquids- phlegm

Body Organs- heart, kidneys

Buddha Mantra- Tam

Celtic Name or Compass Point- Airt

Chakra- heart

Characteristics- transparent, light, reflective, insulator, compressible and expandable, moveable, mutable, malleable, male, penetrating mediator, reacts to energy, carries fire, flying, moving, fresh, intelligent, suspending; air manifests itself through sound, thought, communication, travel, intellect, abstract thinking, teaching, divination, freedom, joy, laughter, beginnings, communicates, strives, cuts, disperses.

Chemical Element- oxygen

Color- yellow (shamanic), blue (ceremonial)

Consciousness- intelligence

Creation Gods- Sky Father

Creative Process- development

Days of the week- Wednesday

Death Rites- desiccation

Demon King of the Goetia- Orions Amaymon

Demon Prince- ├ćazel (Azazel)

Dialectic Process- synthesis, integration

Dimensions- analytical

Direction- East

Direction of View- outward

Divine Names- Shaddai El Chai (almighty living God)

Druidic Tools- wand or staff

Eastern Polarity- yang

Egyptian King- Ameshet (young man)

Egyptian Son- Tuametef: Horus’s jackal-headed son

Elemental Being- sylphs, zephyrs and fairies that inhabit the world of trees, flowers, winds, breezes, mountains

Elemental King- Paralda

Elemental Ruler- Ariel

Energy Type- projective

Energy Flow- crown down

Enochian Divine Name- OROIBAHAOZPI

Enochian Elemental King- TAHOELOJ

Enochian Worlds- EXARP

Evangelists- Matthew

Familial Aspect- son

Feeling- cool and fresh, free

Gender- masculine, projective

Gods- Enlil, Hermes, Khephera, Mercury, Quetzacoatl, Shu, Taliesin, Thoth, Vayu, Zeus.

Goddesses- Aditi, Aradia, Arianrhod, Athena, Cardea, Danu, Isis, Kwan Yin, Nike, Nuit, Urania. Maiden.

Hand- index finger

Hebrew Letters- Vau

Hebrew Name- Ruach: means wind, breath, mind, spirit

Human Elements- mental, mind

Image- billowing clouds, sky, feathers, wind, breath, smoke, vibration

Incense- sandalwood, galbanum, mellow
4 pts rosemary
2 pts mugwort
1 pt chicory
½ pt coffee bean

Influences- Earth, Dreams, Guilt, Overeating, Studying, Travel, Instruction, Freedom, Knowledge, Recovering lost objects, Inspiration, Hearing, Communication, Harmony, Herbal knowledge, Plant growth, Intellect, Thought, Ideas, Revealing the truth, Overcoming addictions, Movement, Psychic abilities, Conscious mind, Meditation, Teaching

Judiciary Process- science

Jungian Functions- thinking, thought

Kitchen- steam rising from hot food

Latin- Aer

Levels of Understanding- deductive, logical

Magical Action- to dare

Magical Process- imagination

Metals- mercury, aluminum, tin, copper

Methods- allegorical

Mineral World Totems- crystals of inspiration, stones for meditation, philosophical
Energizers for meditation, highly illuminating messengers.

Moon Phase- New

Musical Instruments- Flute, All Wind Instruments

Mythological Beings: gryphons, gremlins, Pegasus

Natural Symbols- Feathers, Incense smoke, Fragrant flowers

Nature- wind

Negative Characteristics- gossipy, boastful, spendthrift, untruthful, selfish, fickle, muddy thinking, slow, inability to communicate, inattentive, chatterbox, shallow, or over-Intellectualization, memory problems

Norse Dwarf- Sudhri (when in south)
Ogham- Acime Huatha

Oils- Almond, Anise, Bergamont, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Lavender, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Melissa, Niaouli, Peppermint, Pine, Sage, Spearmint

Part of Person- mind

Personality Types- excitable, passionate, optimistic

Physical Action- thinking

Physical Properties- vaporous gas

Physical State- gas

Place on Pentagram- upper left

Places- Mountaintops, Wind-swept plains, Cloudy skies, High towers, Airports, Schools, Libraries, Offices, Travel agencies, Psychiatrist's offices

Plane- mental

Plant World Totems- aspen trees; Meditative Incense: lavender, sage, marjoram, mint, cloves, mace, lemon, verbena, lemongrass; air rooted plants: philodendron, some ivy. Dark leafy vegetables; dandelion, wildflowers, milkweed, most trees.

Planets- Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter

Plants/Herbs/Trees- acacia, alder, anise, aspen, ball moss, birch, cedar elm, frankincense, lavender, lemon grass, mimosa, mistletoe, myrrh, pansy, primrose, vervain, violet, Yarrow- Fragrant, Pungent, Airy

Point in Life- Infancy

Positive Characteristics- joyful, humorous, communicative, intelligent, intuitive, diligent, mind, psychic abilities

Posture- arms raised parallel

Professional Status- nobility, military service, scientist, politician, lawyer

Ritual Work: astral travel, communication, dawn, divination, elemental magic, finding lost things, freedom, harmony, hearing, herbal, ideas, inspiration, intellect, knowledge, memory, movement, plant growth, psychic abilities, Spring, study, sunrise, telepathy, test taking, thought, travel, revealing the truth, visualization. Sunrise, Spring, Knowledge, Herbal Knowledge, Tossing objects into the air, Suspending tools in high places, Fanning light objects, Positive thinking, Concentration, Wind

Rules- the mind, all mental, intuitive and psychic work, knowledge, abstract learning, theory, windswept hills, plains, windy beaches, high mountain peaks, high towers, wind and breath.

Runes- Ansuz, Raidho, Eihwaz, Tiwaz

Qabalistic Action- movement

Qabalistic Sephiroth- Yesod/Foundation, Tiphareth/Beauty

Qabalistic Words- Yetzirah: the World of Formation

Quality- healing

Season- Spring

Sense- smell, hearing

Shamanic East- Here springs the light and where the Morning Star lives to give men wisdom.
Robe- yellow
Your Relatives- the Elk Nation, Black Elk, Elk Nation Woman that brings joy &
Sacred Pipe & daybreak star; 4 sorrels.

Sounds- flute

Spiritual Aspect- enlightenment

State of Matter- gas

Stones- amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, chalcedony, citrine, fluorite, jasper, lapis lazuli, mica, pumice, sapphire, topaz

Symbol of Kali- scepter, dorje

Tarot Court Cards- Kings

Tarot Suit- wands

Tarot Trumps- The Fool

Tattwa Sanskrit Names- Vayu

Tattwa Shapes- blue circle

Tattwa Time- June 21- September 23

Temperaments- sanguine

Temperate Qualities- hot and moist, light and active

Tetramorph/Kerub- man- Matthew

Tibetan Direction- North

Tibetan Failing- envy, greed

Tibetan Symbolic Animal- Garuda Bird: a mythological bird of Buddhist culture usually described as having a human form with the head of a bird.

Time- dawn

Tools- Wand, staff, feather, pen, broom, scourge, incense, censer, oaken
symbol creative visualization, feather fan, (Some traditions align the
Athame and Sword with Air but most Celtic traditions align them with Fire).

Tuatha- Spear of Destiny (Lugh, Oak-Wand) from the Otherworld
City of Danaan- Finias
Godform- Esras
Yellow- active
White- passive
Force- Intellect of Air
Invocation- “Tuatha! Tuatha! Esras to light!
Spear of Destiny, Eastern Might!
Grant intellect amid the fight!”

Vices- impulsive, frivolous, boasting, thoughtless, judgment, critical, gullible

Virtues- intelligence, practicality, joy, logic, justice, discrimination

Welsh Faerie- Raven’s Feather

Wind Spirit- Eurus, A handsome youth

Word of Power- YOD-EH-VAV-HE

Zodiac- Libra (beginnings), Aquarius (fixed), Gemini (mutable, changing)

The Elements have always fascinated me. They were the first things I studied when I started on my path and I have continued to study and research them for the past 22 years and these is the culmination of that research. Fire, Water and Earth are to follow in the coming weeks. Blessings on you all.

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