Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is a Circle?

What Is A Circle ?
An exercise for your Book Of Shadows.
On a spare pice of paper write these questions down and then think about your answers.

 How many of you cast Circles when doing rituals?
 If you don't cast one, what do you do to set aside sacred space, if anything?
 If you *do* cast one, how do you visualize it spatially?
 A sphere?
 A cone?
 A column?
 Completely enclosed, or open?
 Do you use a certain color, sound, smell, etc., when visualizing your Circle?
 What's it made of?
 Is it rigid or flexible?
 If it's rigid, what will break it, and what happens when it's broken?

What people see when they "look" at a circle is very personal. It has
been my experience that everyone sees energy differently. This is one
reason I recommend finding a teacher near you if possible or in some cases a coven. You have someone to call when you need to say "Something weird happened!" And usually someone to guide you during your first time, it is very easy for the inexperience to accidentally do something wrong. They may not be meaning to but accidents happen.  If you never casted before make sure to read plenty about it before casting. And remember if something does goes wrong you can always e-mail us and we can explain how to fix it :)

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