Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Assignment

This months assignment is on the Inverted Pentagram.
What does it mean?
When did it get its negative outlook?
Who uses it today and what it means today?
What was it used for in the past?

Your job will be to do a Full investigation over the Inverted Pentagram (if you chose to do so).
Do not reply to this post with your answers. You are to write a paper over it. Fully detailed one at that. The number of pages does not matter what matters is that you did the work on finding out about this symbol.

If you do choose to do this assignment it will be due on Dec. 1st 2010. You must e-mail your finished papers on the first not before. Early papers will be deleted after they are sent back to you. Why is it that we do this? because when one does a rushed job errors are made like the ones over Last months assignment, which was The Star of David.

You may send it in a PDF format, a Notepad format, or even words format. Just do not place it in your email as your e-mail body put some love into this work use imagery in your report, do some deep research. Do not post Links to websites and say read this, those will be ignored. You are to open up books, do online research from high rated quality websites. Do not steal someone else's work and take credit for it.

E-mail: thecupwa@yahoo.com

If you are a registered 1st Degree student and choose to do these assignments they will be counted as Extra Credit to your overall grade.

On a separate not on last months assignment, I was Highly disappointed in the responses, I only received One paper and it was correct, everyone else tried to post on our fan page with links to other sites. You do not have to do these assignments but please dont fool us around. So For Future references your papers must be e-mailed to us to get any sort of Feed Back over them. This is the whole point of studying to follow the directions that were given over the assignment. okay done ranting, enjoy your day!

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