Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Share Your Altar Day

A little while back we had asked our fans what they thought about the concept of Share Your Altar day. Surprisingly we had a lot of positive feedback on it.  

Concept of Share Your Altar Day
This allows you to share your sacred altar your joy of honoring the divine. 
This allows those new to the craft to see the creative ways to decorate there altars.
Over the next several Blog posts we will go over Altars and what is basically on them.
You do not have to participate if it interferes with your beliefs in sharing your space.
Altars are sacred and will be treated as such, by no means is this a way of dishonoring them, rather a celebration of them and our fellow brothers and sisters that create them, In essence a celebration of You!

Save The Date:
On July 10th we ask that you Share images of your altar.

How to participate:
On July 10th post up images of your altar.

Where: On our Face Book fan page, On Our Social site, In your blogs, Photo bucket, Flicker, You Tube, (you get the idea).
Link to this blog on that day not this entry but the special blog entry that will be posted for that day. Reply to July 10th's post with your link to your altar pics!

Who Can participate?
Anyone and every faith, all are welcome!

Have fun, Be creative, Use the seasons.

Blessed Be

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gaia Healing Spell

I thought this would be a good one to do with all of the recent years activity.

To send out positive "healing" vibrations to the planet, perform this spell during an 
eclipse or when the Moon is in a waxing phase. Arrange seashells on a secluded beach 
to form a magic circle at least five feet in diameter. (If you do not have access to a beach, 
you may perform this spell in a forest or secluded garden using stones, branches and/or 
flowers to form the circle.) Kneel in the center of the circle, facing the ocean. Light a blue 
candle and a stick of incense and place them before you. Raise your arms high with palms 
up in the traditional Witch's prayer position, and recite the following chant: 
With smoke and flame This spell's begun. 
O Goddess of the stars, 
Moon and the Sun, 
Let the healing power begin. 
Let the Earth be whole again. 
The earth is my Mother 
And I am Her child. 
The Earth is my lover 
Free and wild. 
Heal on the outside; Heal within, 
Land and sea, fire and wind. 
With love sincere I chant this prayer 
To make mankind begin to care. 
Let every sister and every brother 
Heal the wounds of the Great Earth Mother. 
Let the healing power begin, 
Let the Earth be whole again. 
Heal on the outside; Heal within, 
Land and sea, fire and wind