Many ask where and what are the funds used for?
Our answers:

  • They help pay for class materials for those who can not afford all they need. 
  • Pays for Shipping and Printing of information packets, pamphlets and other media metals.
  • A portion goes toward our Land fund, this fund is what will be used to eventually purchase land for TheCUPWA events and gatherings.
  • A portion goes towards the Events, which will have food and entertainment. Not everything is free everyone has to pay something.
  • Any Community services we need to help with, such as natural disasters, helping our local community helps build strong ties and to show we do care.
What if I can not donate money how can I help?
We can and will take anything you may be able to help with such as the following:

  • Items for Solders: Socks, Personal Care Items, Health and Hygiene items, Religious Items: Pentagrams, crosses extra.
  • Gently Used books, DVD's, CD's and other medias  for our classes, You can donate your old Pagan/Wiccan/Occult books to help fill our School Library.
  • Any items you no longer use or need such as: pedestal and mortars, Incense, Candles, wax, herbs, Plant seeds for the green house project.
  • Your time: volunteer to help us out in anyway you can.
  • Items to be auctioned off for our fundraiser.
How can I donate?
You can send your items to: Tonie or Edward Foster
                                             CC TheCUPWA
                                             185 Bluejay St.
                                             Diboll, TX 75941

For More info on donations feel free to e-mail us.

*October Event Fundraiser*
Ouija Board Necklace, No set amount made by the order. These are made by our Lovely Willow. She has donated her time towards the Event fund. For a $10.00 Donation you will get a necklace, there is no Shipping Fee in the USA outside the USA is a $1.00. These are made with Black Sculpty Clay, Card Stalk, Mod Podge to give it its cracked glass look and acrylic spray. Black Chain your choice 7" or 11". Clasps are the open circle with bar and are random from her jewelry supplies. For Bulk Orders simply e-mail her about them.

We can take PayPal or Money Orders
These are actually Listed on The Sacred Oak website, click here to purchase yours!
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