About us

Welcome to The Church of the United Pagan/Wiccan Alliance. Our Goal is to bring everyone together and learn and grow from each other. What is TheCUPWA? TheCUPWA is a Council of different pagan, wiccan and other spirituality beliefs. We work on a council teaching system. 

1.1 The Church of The United Pagan/Wiccan Alliance is a church which derives its power from the diversity and strength of each individual member, and exists to provide for its members a safe space in which to express their spirituality. 
1.2 The Church of The United Pagan/Wiccan Alliance exists as an open forum for the members to share knowledge, wisdom, and ideas. 
1.3 The Board of Directors has jurisdiction in all administration matters. 
1.4 In all matters of spiritual training, a three degree system is honored and employed. 
1.5 The Church agrees to follow a common body of laws which protect the rights and well being of the church as a whole and the individuals that compose it. The Laws apply equally to all, and is applied equally to all, regardless of position or degree.

Our Website Address: http://thecupwa.wall.fm/index