Monday, August 1, 2011

Animal Magick- Blackbird


Keynote: Understanding of the Energies of Mother Nature
Cycle of Power: Summer

The blackbird has long been associated with omens and mysticism. Its color, alone, has evoked both fear and promise. Although call a blackbird, only the males are black. Females usually have a streaky brown plumage.

Not all blackbirds are black. One variety has a yellow head and throat which stands out strongly against the black plumage. The yellow and black coloring has long been associated with the Archangel Auriel or Uriel. Auriel is considered the tallest of the angels, with eyes than can see across eternity. This being oversees all of nature and all of the nature spirits. Auriel has traditionally been associated with the summer season.

Another variation of the blackbird is the Red-Winged Blackbird. This bird has a red path on its wings, with a dash of yellow as well. These colors connect this bird to the level known as Binah in the Qabalistic Tree of Life. This is the level associated with the Dark Mother and the primal feminine energies. This bird has ties to all of the creative forces of nature.

On the Tree of Life, black is the color for Binah and red is the color for Geburah (Mars type of energy). Yellow or amber is the color of the path of Cancer, the mother sign of the zodiac. The Red Winged Blackbird is thus a totem associated with the stellar energies of Cancer.

The male Red Winged Blackbird will lose its luster during the Winter. This reflects how the summer is the time of vibrancy and vitality for those with this bird as a totem. It indicates the need to use the Winter to go back into the great womb of life in order to be able to bring forth new energy and expressions of energy the following Summer.

Blackbirds nest in swamps, marshes and low brush-- usually just a few feet from water. Again this reflects a tie to water, an ancient symbol for the feminine force and for Nature. They often use cattails as perches. A study of the herbal qualities and characteristics of cattail will also provide further insight.

Blackbirds are known for fiercely staking out their own territory, and they will often drive off any other of their kind that are in the vicinity. Because of this, the sight of 2 blackbirds sitting together is often considered a good omen. In Europe, Blackbirds came to be associated with St. Kevin, and one story tells of how they nested in his hand. Again because of this association, to have Blackbirds nesting in your environment is usually a beneficial sign. St. Kevin was known as a person of tremendous gentleness and love.

Europeans used to eat blackbirds in a pie, as reflected in the nursery rhyme. Most of the time though, live Blackbirds were hidden in empty pie shells to provide amusement at gatherings. If the Blackbird has come into your life as a totem, you will open to new surprises and to a new understanding of the forces of Nature as they being to migrate into your life.

From Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak

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