Friday, July 1, 2011

July Full Moon

Mead Moon, Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Summer Moon, Hungry Ghost Moon, Ripe Corn Moon, Crane Moon, Moon of the Middle Summer, Moon of Claiming, Rose Moon,

Plan a ritual to decide what you will do once your goals have been met.

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Gemstones Boost the Mead Moon’s Energy
Gems to enhance this moon’s energy include ones like Amazonite, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Diamond, Malachite, Opal, Peridot and Ruby. These gems help enhance the energy of all the chakras. Remember that Mead is the nectar of the Gods, so having all our chakras in balance at this time helps us appreciate the Mead in our own lives!

Great Spirit
The moon at this time brings us feelings of being whole and connected. What greater spiritual connection can we have than that to Great Spirit, or God? This is the energy or spirit that governs all. We can really pay homage and respect to Great Spirit at this time because this is the time of year when we are typically at our energetic best. We can learn to recognize Great Spirit within ourselves by meditating on connecting with this being. Once you feel a connection with this energy, you will begin to become clear about all the wonderful things you are grateful for in your life. Great Spirit encourages us to first recognize blessings in our own lives and then "pay them forward", thus continuing the cycle of positive energy.

Essential Oils
Oils can be used most easily in a diffuser. Some can be added in small quantities to baths and others can be used in soap and candle making. Do some research before you try them in other ways, aside from diffusers, as some are corrosive and cause skin irritations. The following oils will help you connect with your unconscious mind and set the intention of success, celebration and health:

· Basil
· Cedar
· Cardamom
· Clove
· Eucalyptus
· Geranium
· Ginger
· Lemon
· Myrrh
· Neroli
· Patchouli
· Pine
· Sweet Pea