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Reincarnation And Past Life Regression

Reincarnation And Past Life Regression by People Building

Sometimes we ask ourselves : Why am I here? Where did I come from? What happens when I die?

One way to look at it, is when we examine the process of sleeping, dreaming and waking, it resembles closely of the process of death, intermediate state, and rebirth. When we experience deep sleep, to others we look like a dead person, finally when we wake up, our normal powers of memory and mental control are restored and our dream world disappears leaving us with the way we perceive the world in the waking state. A similar process occurs when we die, some say, the experience of the clear light of death maybe similar to the experience of deep sleep.

Reincarnation is the belief that when someone dies, that person is reborn in another body. People have different beliefs about reincarnation, one of them is that, we do not necessary come back as human. One may have been a spider in a past life, and one may be a carrot or a parrot, so make sure you’re careful about what you are treading on in the future.

Some monks meditate all day long to achieve the state of ultimate bliss (nirvana) in order to escape from the wheel of rebirth. You can prepare yourself in this life to be as sinless as possible so you can come back as a person, according to some believers. Some people are able to regress to a past life under Hypnosis, recalling different reincarnation cases, seeking the causes of today's problems in the experiences of previous life, explaining sometimes that strange phenomena.

With Karma, Reincarnation could explain why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people, could it be that we are being rewarded or punished for past lives actions? Most of us have experience déja-vu, which could be interpreted as memories of past lives, when dreaming could be seen as a soul travel and memory.

For me, I think it is very comforting to think that way, it makes death not that scary anymore. All the answers are within us. Though even when we come to the realization that the answers are within us, we rarely know how to access them. Perhaps it is helpful to view every event as just an event, instead of treating everything as good or bad. This may be a disassociated way of learning to notice the positive in everything.

How is Past-Life Regression achieved ?

Past-Life Regression can be obtained with a Hypnotherapy technique that can connect you with one or more previous lives, which are relevant to a certain problem or concern. It also allows us to go deeper and see beyond the confusion and illusions of life and offer a healing of the past life that resonates into our current life. The purpose of a Past-Life Regression is to be in position to take the journey into accessing the hidden memories of the subconscious mind, not only from the present life, but also from all the lives we have lived are stored. For the therapy to work, the client needs to believe in reincarnation, as they recall everything during the session, the client maybe given a post-hypnotic suggestions to remember what has occurred.

Chronic medical problems such as asthma, allergies, Headache and much more may respond very well to past life therapy, to eliminate physical or emotional pain is one of the reasons a person may choose to regress, some will be to diminish the fear of death or maybe to explain recurring and unexplained dreams.

The reason why I choose to express a glimpse of reincarnation and past lives regression is simply because when I was younger I suffered terribly from Death anxiety, and to my surprise, lots of people are. So my strategy today is to have faith in that way of life, which makes it more meaningful and comforting.

There can be endless reasons why people are afraid to die. Death anxiety is common in everyday life and could happen because of some past traumatic event, that still affect in some profound way.

Anyway, Hypnosis can be a useful tool in exploring past lives, going through a healing journey involving the experience of an altered psychological state, which allows anyone to be more in touch and responsive to inner experiences, by tuning into various levels of awareness normally not accessible to the conscious mind. To gather information about past lives, hypnosis is by no means the only method that allows us to rediscover ourselves.

When past behaviour patterns are dealt with releasing blocked emotions, and guilt, giving us the opportunity to experience insights and freedom, we might even become master of our own destiny.

So beware of the dog, it could be your mother- in- law in a previous life!

By Adeline Munoz for People Building

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The Law Of Karma

The Law Of Karma by Nikhil Gangoli

The topic of this article is the concept of Karma, which is common to most Eastern Philosophies be it Hinduism or Buddhism.

It is said that in the second watch of the night when the Buddha attained enlightenment he gained a different kind of knowledge, which complemented his knowledge of rebirth – The Law of Karma.

Karma is mistaken in the West as a doctrine of Fate or Predestination. It is not so. The word Karma literally means action – and the Law of Karma is the infallible law of cause and effect, which governs the Universe.

The doctrine of Karma has many implications as to how we may lead our lives. In the first place it means that all our actions will lead to its natural consequence. We may not know what the consequence will be and in fact it may be delayed for many lengths of time but the consequence will follow inevitably. In Tibetan Buddhism the inevitable retribution, which however is not obvious, is compared to the shadow of a kite or an eagle as it searches for its prey. When the eagle is high in the sky its shadow is not to be seen. However when the eagle swoops to the ground to catch hold of its prey the menacing shadow appears. Similarly we are not aware of the consequences of our actions for most part but they will appear just as the shadow of the eagle suddenly appears.

The law of Karma is not confined to individuals – there is family karma, national karma, International Karma, the Karma of a city. All these are mixed with the Karma of the Individual, and thus it happens that people lives are influenced by events completely beyond their control. All these Karma's are inter-related and can be understood in its full complexity only by an enlightened being.

The law of Karma gives us guidance as to how we may lead our lives. When misfortune strikes we know that it will not last forever but will pass in time. And we now know through the law of Karma that these are consequences, which have inevitably followed from our past actions. The attitude to have when difficulties befall us is this – That this, which is happening, is the coming to fruition of our past Karma. We do not see the suffering as a punishment- or do we blame ourselves and indulge in self-hatred. Tibetans say that suffering is the broom, which sweeps away our negative karma. We can even be grateful that one karma is coming to an end.

Eastern philosophy is full of stories of how bandits and murderers have overcome their bad karma and gone on to become – monks and even saints. Angulimala is an example. He had killed 999 people in his previous life as a bandit. But he was won over by the Buddha and went on to become a monk and a sage. Similarly in Tibetan Buddhism the story is told of Milarepa. He was a sorcerer who killed many people with his black magic for revenge or profit. Yet through his remorse and hardships and penances that he underwent he went on to become to become enlightened – a figure of inspiration to millions.

These are some brief remarks about Karma.

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The Aura, A Brief Introduction

The Aura, A Brief Introduction by Ned Robinson

The Aura, also known as the Human Energy Field (HEF), is an energy field that protects our bodies. It is oval, like an egg, and extends 3 to 4 feet further than our physical bodies.

The power that makes our aura begins from within and from without our physical selves. Internally, it is formed through the vibration of our cells which generate a strong current of electromagetic energy that expands outwards, past the barrier of our skin. Externally, the universe creates energy that our bodies collect. The place where our aura connects with the collective energy is not unchanging but is in a continuous stream of give and take. When the aura is strong, our physical, mental as well as spiritual wellbeing is powerful. When the aura is sick or broken, our health is reduced.


The interplay between our auras plus the universal energy is also effected by our chakras.

The 7 primary chakras and their location:

  • Root - tail of spine
  • Sacral - Tan T'ien
  • Solar Plexus - navel
  • Heart - heart
  • Throat - throat/neck
  • Third Eye - middle of forehead
  • Crown - top of head

The word Chakra means 'spinning wheels'. As our chakras spin, they also produce energy that interacts directly with our auras. When we are well, our chakras rotate freely, making a plentiful supply of energy. When we are not, our chakras decelerate, no longer giving energy back to ourselves. In acute cases, they may even rotate backwards and actually drain the energy away from us.


People have been seeing auras throughout the past. Back in the sixteenth century, the aura was referred to as the astral body. Then, in the eighteenth century, Anton Mesmer, hypothasizeda new theory of animal magnetism. To provide evidence for his theory, he administered a range of scientific experiments, unwavering to show others this phenomenon. His other experiments set out to prove the existance of a fluid-like, physchic ether that reacted to the movements of our astral bodies.

Then, early in the 20th century, Dr. Walter Kilner from St Thomas’ Hospital in London produced a machine to look at auras. He incorporated ultraviolet light to light up a faint cloud around the body. Unforunately, his experiments to utilise the machine as a method to diagnose illness were cut short because of the start of WWI.

Edgar Cayce, who is considered by many for being the "father of holistic medicine," was also able to see auras. He used this gift when he worked together with his clients. He had learned to understand the aura's shape, volume and color and what it meant about their physical condition. He dedicated what turned out to be the final year of his life composing the state-of-the-art reference book about auras together with his associate Thomas Sugrue. Sadly, Cayce died before the manuscript could be finished. As a result, instead of an extensive reference book, a twenty page pamplet was published entitled Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Colors. Luckily, the excellent data in that report makes up for it's diminutive size. It remains a popular reference guide to this day.

Seeing Auras

Possesing the ability to see and feel auras is an important part of energy healing. For example, I had a patient who was suffering from a persistent cough. She had gone to a health care provider, had an x-ray, but they could not find the reason for the cough. She then came to me for a Reiki session. Around a quarter of an hour into the healing session, I found that her aura had a big gap in it, directly above her chest. I used Reiki to repair the hole in her aura. When I checked up on her a few days later, she happily reported to me that her cough was gone. It has not returned to this day.

It isn't difficult to learn to see auras. We don't have to be born with the natural gifts of people like Edgar Cayce. With a little practice, you will be quickly able to see the aura's first layer that is nearest to the skin. That layer is a faint, blue-gray and it radiates outward only about ½ inch. Then, as you practice and build up your abilities, you will be able to see the complete aura which extends 3-4 feet beyond our body.

I've written a free eBook intended to instruct you how to see auras. Click How to See and Feel Your Aura to get your free copy.
Please write to me through my website if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.
Ned Robinson is the creator of ReikiLotus, where he talks about Reiki, Buddhism and other spiritual pathways. He has been an energy healer for more than 10 years and teaches Reiki and Buddh

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Reiki is ...

Reiki is ... by Seshmet

Reiki (ray- key) is a Japanese healing technique that was developed by Mikai Usui in 1922. Dr. Mikao Usui, is the founder of the Usui System of Reiki. He was born August 15, 1865 in the village of Yago in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture, Japan. Usui Sensei had an avid interest in learning and worked hard at his studies. As a sensitive spiritualist, Usui Sensei had previously spent much time meditating at power spots on Mt. Kurama on this mountain and retreat he developed the the ability to give healing to others without depleting his own energy.

It is the way of using the universal energy or life force to induce a healing reaction. To explain this little better there is energy within us and energy around us what the reiki practitioner does is a process of channeling that energy throughout their own body down their arms and out at the palms. The energy is passed on by laying on the hands on the client’s body in various places. All clients are clothed and aura healing (hands above the body) can be used too. The energy is absorbed into the client’s body which promotes healing. The energy flows can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body.

Reiki relieves pain, promotes natural self-healing, aids meditation, promote positive thinking, relaxes you, reduces stress, treats illnesses, strengthen immune system, balance the body, clears toxins, erase addictions, and can release blocked or suppressed feelings. It promotes health and is a good preventive technique. Reiki will enrich your life and give you happiness and health on all levels. Reiki is safe and does not harm anyone. (Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment, it should be used as a compliment and a way to become and remain healthy.)

Here is some examples Reiki can benefit or improve Anger, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Burns, Cuts, Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Energy blocks, Gastric, Heart ailments, Hemorrhoids, Hypersensitivity, Hypertension, Impotency, Insomnia, Intoxication, Leukemia, Menstrual, Migraine, Pains, Parkinson, Poor memory, Respiratory, Rheumatism, Skin disorders, Spinal injuries, Sports injuries, Stress, Tension, Ulcer, Vision and so much more.

Anyone can learn Reiki and it is easy to learn. Reiki practitioners are taught by Reiki Masters (ones that have completed all levels of reiki). There are 3 levels to reiki levels 1-3 possibly 4. Level 1 is the physical side of reiki here you learn how to heal yourself, plants, others and even pets (anything alive). You learn the hand positions, history of reiki and about universal energy. Will do lots of practice on hand positions and feeling the energy. Attunement is the ceremony initiation into being a reiki practitioner. It is a way of giving the student the access to the universal energy to use. All levels attunements are done on the Reiki student. If the student is ready then they go on to level 2. Reiki level 2 is the mental/emotional side of Reiki here you learn the Reiki 2 symbols the names, meanings and purpose. There are three Reiki symbols taught here and memorized. Here you learn how to use the symbols plus learn how to heal from a distance without being with the client or person in need of a healing. Level 3 is the Master level you learn 2 more symbols to memorize. This is the level of service so student should be dedicated to Reiki as a Master Teacher. To take this class you should know level 1-2 well, have given Reiki to other people and even done distance healing, too. You learn how to give attunements with this level. You learn the fundamentals to do a class on Reiki. Level 4 is optional it is a split up of Reiki 3 into another level that mainly its concern is how to be a teacher and how to set up a practice might be included.

About the Author:
My name is Debra (online name is Seshmet). I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Spiritual Healing. I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Grand Master, Spiritual Counselor and an Ordained Minister.
I have been working with Reiki since the late 1990’s. Just in the past few years I have made it my complete life’s work and recently I started a community outreach project on it. The project is called “Little Taste of Reiki”.
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A Beginners Guide to Psychic Protection Techniques

A Beginners Guide to Psychic Protection Techniques by John Culbertson

We live in a world of energy. There's not a single one of us that can say we've never energetically attacked another person or that we've never been energetically attacked by another person. Those of us that work, or heaven forbid "dabble", in the new age field will at rare times be up against more than just human attacks. This is the reason everyone needs a basic understanding of psychic protection techniques.

In this article we will be discussing five basic methods of protection that can be layered, or used one after another, to boost your defenses.

This article, however, will not be discussing the mechanics of psychic/energy attacks. In other words, we aren't going to get into the why and how they happen. We'll save that for a future article.

White Light

The most basic of all protections is white light energy. It is connected to the image of divinity, whatever divinity is for you. It may be God, the goddess, Buddha, The Universal Consciousness, The Great Architect of the World, Cosmic Consciousness, your Higher Self, etc. Whatever your concept of the higher power may be, white light is often times associated and connected to it.

When we surround ourselves in white light we are symbolically saying that we are protected by the highest power there is. We are shielding ourselves from negativity by raising our own vibration and vibrating at the speed of light.

There are many ways to perform this protection. The easiest is to imagine yourself standing in the center of a light bulb that is turned off. When you see or feel yourself standing there, mentally feel/see that light bulb being turned on and imagine and feel the pure bright light that is all around you.

You might also close your eyes and imagine rain/the shower falling down all around you. Mentally turn those water droplets into a cascading bright light and let yourself be totally drenched in it.

Whatever method you use, make sure you have the light soaring within your body as well as outside and around it. Remember, you are wanting to become one with the light.

Worry Balloon

This gets credited to the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing. One of my favorite techniques from their program involves a deflated balloon.

Visualize a deflated balloon above your head. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale visualize/feel all your fears/worries/concerns/anxieties going into that balloon. Each time you do this, note the balloon begins to inflate. Eventually, you'll be free of all those tensions and the balloon will be totally inflated. At that point take one more deep breath in. On the exhale visualize/feel the balloon floating away and out of the universe taking with it all the worries/problems that you had put into it.

This is a great exercise to do before bed if you have trouble sleeping at night. It also does wonders if used prior to going into any negative/stressful situation. Additionally, it can be used to help lessen or even totally release fears.

Blue Shield

Blue is the color we associate with the throat chakra. The throat chakra is noted as being the seat of the will. As such, blue is a highly protective color because when we use blue we are literally willing negativity to stay away from us.

The shield is symbolic of blocking incoming attacks. Warriors in ancient times used shields to defend themselves from both up close attacks and incoming airborne attacks.

Imagine/visualize a blue shields all around you before going into any crowded area or prior to any confrontation you think you may be having. It'll help to deflect bad moods/negativity and will make it easier for you to deal (or totally avoid) people who aren't going to be nice.

Prayer and Positive Affirmations

Both prayer and positive affirmations can be used to strengthen any protections you already are using. Both of these help to raise your vibration and puts you into harmony with the positive forces of the universe.

Sample Affirmations for Protection include:

I am totally protected from all ill will and harm.

I am blessed and protected on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Only positive things are allowed around me.

I feel joy and love in everything I do.

Why the last one? Joy and love are the keys to maintaining a healthy and high vibrational field. When we can turn our attitudes toward complete joy and love we will, over time, eventually discover that we only attract those joy and loving people and situations into our lives. Any negative ones that do occur simply aren't able to handle this type of energy for long and extended periods of time and thus will remove themselves from your presence.

Archangel Michael Invocation

Finally, the last thing we are going to talk about in our basics of protection article is angels and guides. Please, brace yourselves, you are going to get the short cliff notes version here as those are, once again, a topic for another article.

We all have the ability to "summon" angels and spiritual beings to aid and assist us. We call this "summoning" an invocation.

To perform an invocation you can either be very ritualistic and look for a bunch of herbs and other supplies that various magic books will claim you need OR you can have total faith that the being you are asking for assistance will be there when you call on them.

To enlist angels to help it's simply a matter of asking.

Angels, according to most sources, are bound by an angelic law which dictates that they can't interfere in a humans life unless one of two conditions are met.

A) That person is in mortal danger and it's not yet their time to depart from this world.


B) A person, in sincere concern, has mentally or verbally asked for their help.

Of all the angels, Archangel Michael is the one most often associated with protection. He is considered the angel of war and protection and is most noted, mythologically speaking, for casting Satan from heaven during the heavenly wars.

Calling upon this loving yet very protective angel can be done in a couple of ways.

The most basic is simply saying "Archangel Michael, I give you permission to be here with me."

There is also a Catholic Prayer dedicated to this angel which you may say which will also enlist his help.

"Michael the Archangel, please defend me in my day of battle. Be my safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. Rebuke him, I humbly pray. May the price of the heavenly hosts cast into hell Satan and all evil beings seeking to ruin the souls of man."

Whatever the case, know that when you invoke or call this particular angel it's not uncommon to feel an air pressure change and/or a great deal of warmth and heat when he is around.

Now that you have some of the basics down it would be a good idea for you to practice these and make a careful note on what happens when you use different techniques.

The more often you use them the more skillful and stronger you'll become with them and the more benefit you'll receive from them.


John Culbertson is a psychic channel and psychic coach. He is also a Reiki "Master."

This Mason and Rosicrucian has recently authored a book on psychic protection and feels it is a much overlooked part of the new age field.

Learn more about his book Psychic Self Defense and Protection: An Energy Awareness Guide

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Time and Psychic Power

Time and Psychic Power by Jackson Swift

Psychics are able to perceive things that are unnoticeable to the five physical senses (sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste). People with psychic power have been recorded even in the Bible, such as Joseph the dreamer when he dreamt of his multi colored coat. While most people perceive psychics as fortune-tellers, they can actually do more than predict the future: some can tell you what happened in the past to help you understand your problems in the present and in turn help you prepare for the future, for instance.

There are many types of psychic powers, and they each have their own purpose. Some are called clairvoyants; they can “see” those which are not visible to the normal human eye, and those which are hidden or far away. Some are clairaudients: they can “hear” sound frequencies beyond the range of human hearing, and, similar to clairvoyants, they can “hear” or “listen” to sounds which are far away or otherwise inaudible. Clairsentients are those who “sense” or “feel”, where clairvoyants “see” and clairaudients “hear”. Mediums are people who can communicate with spirits, including, but sometimes not limited to humans who passed away into the afterlife, similar to Whoopi Goldberg’s character in the movie “Ghost.” Intuitionists are psychics who may be clairsentients but can also interpret the meanings of those energies that they perceive. Telepaths are those who can communicate with other telepaths or with other people from far away without the use of technology, using the power of their minds alone.

With the advent of the internet, online psychic advisors can provide help to those who need it in the comfort of their homes. Privacy is secured, and answers, advice and help are provided on demand. You can ask about anything, from everyday concerns like love, relationships, business matters, and finances to more impacting issues such as looking for a new house, moving to a new city, contacting a lost loved one, or starting a brand new venture. Online psychics can help you see and understand a part of you that you may not perceive on your own.

Most people do not fully understand how astrology works. This is because we do not feel and experience the same things they do. Psychics are able to experience more than just the five physical senses, such as sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. They also operate on a different time frame, which makes it even harder for those who are not psychic to understand. And although the preconceived notion of psychics being able to predict the future through horoscope and zodiac sign, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are actually many types of psychic powers, and they each have their own purpose. The simplest explanation is that their physical senses are so sensitive that they are able to tap into their metaphysical abilities, allowing them to experience sensations that less sensitive people are unable to experience. However, that does not mean to say that all psychics have all of their senses heightened. Most only have a limited number of gifts. Clairvoyants, for example, can see both physical and non-physical aspects of the psyche. On the other hand, clairaudients can hear beyond the range of the average human being's ears. Those who have sensitized feeling are called clairsentients, while telepaths can speak through their minds. Time is also different for psychics. It is subject to change and there is concrete concept of time.

Many people want to consult psychics through their start signs and horoscope, because they can see what average human beings cannot see. However, it can be quite hard to find a safe and reliable psychic. It's a good thing that there are a lot of online psychics ready to give out their professional readings to you right at the comforts of your own home. Online psychics can help you see and understand a part of you that you may not perceive on your own.

Jackson Swift is the author of this article for Universal Psychic Guild that offers telephone psychic readings, phone horoscope and numerology services.

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Basic Psychic Development and Clairvoyance

Basic Psychic Development and Clairvoyance by Jackson Swift

Clairvoyance is a unique gift. It is given to special individuals, enabling them to see beyond what the regular five senses can experience. Usually, many people who are clairvoyant report having visions and seeing something happening. The literal meaning of clairvoyance is “clear seeing”, and the meaning of clairvoyant is ‘the one who sees clearly’. This says a lot about the nature of clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance is a part of many religions and philosophies. Those who are clairvoyant often a oneness in mind and body. This means that they extremely balanced, and can easily tap into their vast energy resources. Also, they are so sensitive that they can sense things before they even happen.

Clairvoyance works through what is called the astral plane. It is where we leave our physical bodies behind. It is believed that we all have what is called the astral body. This is what the clairvoyants use to get their psychic readings. They use astral sight and astral hearing to respond to the vibrations and energies coming from various things around us.

When we touch something, we leave more than our fingerprints and DNA. We leave behind our energy. Objects and other material things can easily absorb these energies. Some psychics use these energies to know more about a person, even if they are not there. They can also use objects to tell what happened or know more about any recent events that have occurred.

You can easily get a psychic reading from a clairvoyant online. There are a lot of experienced psychics who are more than willing to give psychic advice. You can get a lot of accurate psychic readings from experienced online psychics. Clairvoyant psychics are also available for your consultation. Getting a psychic reading from a clairvoyant has a lot of benefits. It is a convenient way to know more about you and your current or past situations.

Basic Psychic Development

Psychic reading is said to only have by those who have special gifts however there is the fact there is psychic power within to all of us. We just need to discover and develop this energy in able to have the psychic ability. For the most part people have at least a little psychic power inside them, whether they are aware of it or not. They require learning the fundamentals of psychic development for beginners.

To understand how psychic powers work, it's helpful to use an analogy. Think of this as a course or something that you need to learn and study before becoming expert on this. There are many resources for this in fact there is actually courses that they teach divination and astrology for those who want t learn. This actually need a lot of patience as you don’t have it immediately, you can predict the future just because you read the meaning of a Chinese symbols in a book. You need to be patient in order to get the psychic reading ability, indeed there are those special person who just need to enhance their ability since they have it (the special gifts) to predict the future.

Those people who are interested in exploring their psychic ability shouldn't hesitate to do it now. You can start by reading resources that you can get anywhere like the Internet, books, magazines and even in the television. Keep in mind that you really want this and you need to focus, take aside the idea that you just want to learn psychic ability just because you want to be rich and predict the luck in the wrong way like gambling and etc. Remember that no one can really predict the future it is always the person doings and decisions in life on what might happen with their future.

Jackson Swift is the author of this article for Universal Psychic Guild that offers free email psychic readings, free psychic chat online and psychic text services.