Friday, August 26, 2011

The Sacred Circle

Before there is anything else in Wicca, there is the circle. Wiccans cast a circle to make hallowed ground; a sacred space in between the worlds to be used for raising, amplifying and concentrating power and energy. Sacred circles are used for gathering forces together for a multitude of purposes. As the power strengthens within the circle, a Cone of Power is formed. The circle is used more to contain energy than to keep it out. Once enough energy has gathered, it is released out of the circle’s apex. Think of it as collecting smoke in a soap bubble. The smoke is churned up in the bubble until it is at its strongest. When the bubble is popped, the smoke is released into the ether to accomplish whatever goal was agreed upon.

The circle demarcates a holy place to commune with the God and Goddess. It is also used for protection. I like to cast a circle around my home to keep out all negative energy. You can do this inside, as well, but on a smaller scale. Leaving up a permanent circle around your home means your living on sacred ground. Make sure you honor that commitment. Re-casting the circle, periodically, is a must. The energy used to keep the circle up dissipates after enough time goes by so I like to re-cast on Saturday’s, the day for banishing and protection spells.

However you build the circle is really up to you. Wicca is such a beautiful way of life because, while there is a multitude of traditional ways to do things, you really can right your own book on the subject. Doing what feels true to you and building upon that is the way of Wicca. The one thing that holds true for all Pagans is the circle.

When you draw your circle, make sure you are visualizing a three dimensional object, not just a line on the ground. The circle represents many things: feminine energy, the egg, fertility, Earth Mother, a womb, an astral capsule and a meeting place. It is a boundary between the world of man and the God and Goddess.

This is a multidimensional scaled down universe that transcends time and space. When you draw it, do so with care. Remember to draw an arc around you from above and down through the ground, encapsulating yourself as you go. Visualize that arc as a flaming blue line as you create your three dimensional orb.

Once drawn, you are between the worlds. You consecrate the space, you call the quarters or Elemental Beings, you invoke God and Goddess and you raise power. After you’ve harnessed the power, you release. This is the place to become one with everything because this circle is not of this world, but of all worlds, binding us together as one for as long as we stay in the circle.


  1. i live for knowledge thank you justine marie..

  2. You're so very welcome. Just remember that we all teach each other on this path.