Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amulets and Their Magick

Acorn: Attract the opposite sex when anointed with musk oil.

Aladdin's Lamp: Good luck, happiness. Helps wishes come true.

Alligator Teeth: Reversals, returning black to its originator.

Arrowhead: Protection, magickal warfare.

Coral: Banishing evil spirits. Protection against accidents.

Claw: Protection on a spiritual level. Invokes shamanic animal guardians against psychic attack and hexes.

Dragon: Creativity, protection and fertility.

Fairy Amulet: Connects bearer with earth and air elementals. Strengthens magickal powers.

Herbal Beads: Possesses highly concentrated energy of the plant they come from. Intensifies the plant's power. See herbs or flowers for more information.

Ivory: Bestows purity and purification to the bearer.

Pelts: Possesses the shamanic qualities of the animal they come from. Treated with reverence, they can be used to invoke guardian animal spirits. See animals for more information.

Poppet: Carried after ritual preparation to protect or provide services to the bearer.

Pouch (Medicine/Mojo Bag): Represents a womb of energy and can contain any vibration you choose to put in it even if empty. Of course you will probably want to add to its power by placing other amulets inside. Try to use natural fabrics or leather to give you pouch the greatest shamanic power.

Rabbit's Foot: Luck, fertility.

Sachet: Pillow filled with herbs, stones or other amulets, can protect during sleep and facilitate astral projection and dream magick.

Unicorn Amulet: Protection from all evil forces. Opens the third eye for magickal workings and divination.

Witch's Ladder: Used for binding other witches and sealing spells.

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