Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CIMARUTA - The Witch's Charm

Traditional 2-sided Cimaruta This amulet is also known as the Witches’ Charm. The word cimaruta means "a sprig of rue” and in old times identified the wearer as a member of the Society of Diana, Queen of the Witches. The cimaruta bears the following symbols.

Rooster-Head - dispels the forces of darkness
Crescent Moon - occult forces
Serpent - cunning and wisdom
Key - knowledge
Vervain Blossom - protection (five pointed petals)
To wear this amulet is to embrace the Old Religion of Pre-Christian Europe. Through the essence of the cimaruta, you align yourself with the Witches of Old, carrying on a tradition kept for countless generations. For you wear the identical amulet design worn by the hereditary Witches of Old Italy, the sign of the Tuscan Witch.

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