Monday, August 29, 2011

Sympathetic Magick Part 1

Before beginning any magical work it is very important that you understand how powerful spell craft can be. It’s imperative that you word your spells in an extremely specific way. If you do a money spell don’t just say, “Send me money.” You may wake up with a phone call the following week telling you of the death of a loved one who left you a large sum of money. It’s better to ask for a raise at work or even a lucky lottery ticket. At least that way no one gets hurt. It’s always good to remember the three-fold law: Whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you three times as much. So if you’re helping sweet old ladies across the street then all is well, but if you go and trip those poor sweet old ladies then you will get that back too. That’s how works. You get back what you put into it. So keep in mind the Wiccan Rede: An it Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt. It just means that you can do whatever you need to do as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, including you.

This is one of the simplest forms of magic. All you need are different colored candles, a good imagination and a strong will. Candle magic utilizes the vibrations that color puts forth into the universe. By using corresponding color/property pairs, you can construct a simple, easy spell in a matter of minutes. You may also just use a white candle in replace of any color candle as white is for spirit.

There are various ways do candle magic. One way is to let the candle burn all the way out. For instance, if you were doing a candle spell for loving kindness you would need a pink candle. I like to carve symbols into my candles that speak to their purpose. In this case, I would carve a heart into the side of the candle. I would then place the candle in a safe holder and put it on a pink cloth surrounded by rose quartz, apple blossoms and cherry blossoms. You could anoint it with orange oil if you like. As you light the candle, visualize a warm glow coming toward you from the universe. Let it envelop. Let it make you feel warm, safe and loved. Pray to the Goddess to send you loving kindness and thank Her. Meditate on the kind of love you would like to receive while understanding that to get love you must also give love. If you’re going to let the candle burn all the way out, you might want to consider buying a smaller candle so it doesn’t take days.

You can do the spell above a little differently if you would like. Instead of letting the candle burn all the way down, let the candle burn for three minutes every morning from the New Moon to the Full Moon. As the New Moon grows in size in the sky, so will the amount of loving kindness coming your way. Three minutes represents the Triple Goddess; the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Another way is to take a needle and pierce the side of the candle in the center so that it goes in one side and comes out the other. How far from the top of the candle is up to you. Light the candle as before and snuff it out when it burns down to the needle.

This last spell requires that you write down on a piece of paper that which you desire. If, for instance, you want to quit smoking and you’re using a red candle for willpower, then you should write down on a red piece of paper that you want to quit smoking. For this one, you can also use black for banishing as in banishing a bad habit away from you.

As you can see, these are elementary spells, but even the most experienced Wiccan still does a candle spell from time to time. You don’t always need to burn candles for sympathetic magic. It can also just be a matter of placing certain things at certain spots around the home inside and out, something special tucked in a pocket, symbols drawn on a door or herbs burned in the hearth or outside bonfire.

My favorite thing about my house is my wood stove. Although not a true hearth, it is the heart of our home in the cold winter months. It is life sustaining and comforting with the element of fire exuding from the hot coals inside. I like hearth magic and the feeling it gives me. That feeling that all is well with the world because my home fires are burning. It’s a small wood stove, but it manages to heat my entire home. I like that we can be oil free and at the same time, burn magical hickory and oak, with their warming solar energies.

Magic doesn’t always have to be about healing and protection. Sometimes it’s just fun. And if you’re lucky, you get both at the same time. That’s why I love hearth magic. You get to have the glowing embers heating body and spirit while you perform spells and rituals nearby.

Different woods that you burn in the fire have different energies that smoke out of them. Oak is wonderful for healing magic and spells for wisdom, strength and, of course, protection. You can also burn apple wood for love or throw in cedar for purification and sage for cleansing. Your home’s fireplace can be a spell in and of itself, not to mention the elemental aspect of Fire that goes hand in hand.

In addition to what you burn, you can also divine from the way it burns through fire or coal gazing. Much like a crystal ball, the fire or coals can draw you in and show you many things if you ask it. Apple wood, sandalwood, cedar and juniper mixed together and thrown on the fire will do the trick.

The ashes are magical as well. A pentagram drawn in the ashes of the fireplace blesses the hearth. Ashes are considered sacred and magical. Scattering them on the roof, around the outside of the home or in room corners protects the home from a variety of negative influences. Carries in a red bag, the ashes will help you screw up your courage or place the ashes around a blue candle for healing.
Another magical use for the hearth is the kind of wood you burn. If you’re feeling under the weather, throw in a log or two of oak. If your finances aren’t what they should be, try burning some pine. Apple wood is for love and juniper for protection. You can burn them and many other woods separately or together. You can also throw in some herbs for good measure.

Once you’ve got the fire burning nice and hot, don’t forget to do some fire gazing. It’s just what it sounds like. You gaze into the fire to discern shapes and signs foretelling the future or answering a question you hold in your mind. Mix some sandalwood, juniper and cedar together and throw on the flames before gazing.

A wonderful way to protect your home, aside from the baseball bat you keep at the door and the security alarm, is hanging different herbs and other things, by the doors and windows. Pentagrams drawn on window sills with chalk is used to keep negative energy away as is salt strewn across the front door threshold. Any combination of herbs, stones, etc. can be used. Be creative. It is long held that brooms laid down on the floor in front of the door keeps unwanted visitors away.

You can also put things in place to bring love, prosperity, happiness and health into the home. A piece rose quartz placed under a growing rose bush in the front garden will draw love. Tomatoes placed on window sills will call money to your home. Train morning glories to twine around a porch pole to bring happiness into your life and that plantain that grows in everyone’s yard promotes health and healing.

There’s literally no end to what you can do with sympathetic magic. Just remember that with this simplest of the magics, like affects or attracts like or put another way, it’s imitation magic. In folk magic, if you make a physical representation of someone like a carving in a potato or a hand sewn doll, and then do something to that image, you are causing that same thing to happen to the person the doll represents. You’re probably thinking of Voodoo dolls right now, but there’s a better direction to go in. Make a doll for someone who is ill and unable to be near you for a healing spell. Use that doll in the spell instead to help aid in the healing process.

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