Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inanna and Enlil

Inanna is the Queen of the Heavens, Mother Goddess, Goddess of the Earth, love, grain, date-palm, battle, weaving and wine.

The pure torch that flares in the sky,
The heavenly light shining bright like the day
The Great Queen of Heaven, Inanna, I will hail...
Of Her majesty, of Her greatness, of her exceeding dignity
Of Her brilliant coming forth in the evening sky,
Of Her flaring in the sky - a pure torch -
Of Her standing in the sky like the sun and moon,
Known by all lands from the south and north
Of the greatness of the holy heaven
To the Lady I will sing.

Enlil is the god or air, wind and storms, father of the gods; king of heaven & earth. In the Sumerian cosmology he was born of the union of - heaven and Ki- earth. These he separated, and he carried off the earth as his portion. In later times he supplanted Anu as chief god. His consort is Ninlil with whom he has five children: Nanna, Nerigal, Ningirsu, Ninurta, and Nisaba.

(From http://www.whiterosesgarden.com/book_of_shadows/other_books/historical_BOS/prayer_to_inanna.htm; Farrar's The Witch's Goddess and http://www.pantheon.org/articles/e/enlil.html)

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