Monday, January 10, 2011

God And Goddess Of The Week

Good Morning To All.
We remain in the Greek Pantheon. All 1st Degree Lesson Plan students will receive extra credits for any research done on any God and Goddess of the Week ! If anyone would like to discuss any of the Gods or Goddesses of the Week , please start the discussion in the discussion area of the facebook fan page. Also, be sure and put the name of the Deity in the Title.
All of you have a great day, evening, night ... and a great week too !!
Many Blessings,
Rain Dove

Today's God and Goddess of the Week are ;

HADES; God of Death and the Underworld. God of Riches. Son of Kronus and Rhea. He may also be perceived as the Chthonic form of Zeus. He is the Consort of Persephone.

DEMETER ; Goddess of Fertility. Goddess of Agriculture/Harvest. Goddess of Vegetation. Mother Goddess.

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