Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Monday Morning !
The Greek Pantheon continues .... :)
Remember all CUPWA students get extra credits for any research done on any God Of The Goddess Of The Week !
If anyone wants to discuss any of the Gods or Goddesses, please place their name in the subject title on the Discussion list on facebook.
We do hope you all have a great and safe week.
Rain Dove

POSEIDON ; God of the Seas, Protector of Voyages. The brother of Zeus and Hades. His sacred animal is the horse. His chief consort is Amphitrite. Other consorts include Gorgon and Medusa. He is always depicted as an elderly, bearded man who carries a harpoon.

NIKE ; Goddess of Victory. Depicted as a winged messenger bringing the laurel wreath to the victor of battle.

This art was created by Genzoman of deviantart

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