Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Greetings Friends, Members, Witches and Novices !

I am happy to announce a new addition to the CUPWA ! We got such a wonderful response from the Goddess postings that I was doing every day that Willow and I put our heads together and came up with a better game plan for you and the group as a whole ! For most Novices and Newbies of the Craft, gathering information can be overwhelming at times. There is so much to learn in this path. Most of you who already know me, know how big I am on LEARNING YOUR HISTORY. :)

Naturally, the first part of walking this path is learning the history of Witchcraft , Wicca and Paganism. The second part of your history learning is that of your own heritage. Usually a person will decide to learn about, study about, research and become familiar with .. their "heritaged pantheon of Gods and Goddesses", whether it be Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, Germanic (Norse), Hindu, etc.etc. This (IMMHO) is one of the most integral parts of learning *the history* in this path ! The discovery of our OWN ancestors, of our very own blood ... is always interesting to learn about. To learn how they lived and how they believed, what they believed, so forth and so on can make us feel as though we have found a piece of ourselves that's been missing !! That "missing link". However, some of the myths, stories and legends are incredibly long, detailed and even complex. This is why it is so very important to "take your time" when learning the history, in both the Craft itself as well as your own heritaged pantheon. I have decided to take it a bit slower and will be posting "THE GODDESS AND GOD OF THE WEEK." This will be posted every Monday morning. All students who are currently enrolled in the 1st Degree Lesson Plans with the CUPWA, will receive EXTRA CREDIT for doing any research on the GOD AND GODDESS OF THE WEEK. Everyone (students included) will have the entire week and a weekend to do their research before the NEXT GOD AND GODDESS OF THE WEEK is posted. This research should include (but is not limited to) the relations these Gods and Goddesses have in gemology, colors, times of year, directions, etc.etc. I will be posting their *main characteristics*. This is all I will be giving you. If you wish to discuss it further, we can do so on the blog or we can even begin a discussion under the discussion tab at the CUPWA's facebook fan page. We must realize there is loads of information on some of these Gods and Goddesses and it would not be wise for me to try and include all of the information on any one of them on the blog. So when you see just *some* information (and not ALL), this is the reason why. Please be mindful and remember we are going to take one GOD and one GODDESS at a time and one PANTHEON at a time. If we are not going over the Gods and Goddesses of YOUR particular pantheon, please be patient , we will get to it soon enough, (hopefully). If for some reason we've missed a particular pantheon , God or Goddess , please bring it to my attention by sending me a private email. In fact, if you have any issues at all pertaining to the posts on the Gods and Goddesses of the Week , please email me and do not bother Willow with it. She has her hands full and is juggling many things at one time as it is, so please be respectful of her and send them to me. I will be more than happy to address any concerns you have.

I hope this will be a great learning experience for ALL of us. Including myself. There are some pantheons I know very little about and it will be fun to learn as we go. HAPPY LEARNING and may the Gods be with you !

Many Blessings, Rain Dove

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