Monday, November 15, 2010

Asking for some help

This post is not on the education level, it is more of asking for some help.
I am currently working on a video on Basic Circle Etiquette and I am needing some Art Work for it. The artist will get their pice into the video and a plug in the credits.
If you are an artist and would like to submit some artwork for us to use in this video Please E-mail us the following:
The art work
Your Artist Name
A link to your website (Photo album, myspace page, Facebook page, website extra)

I am also looking for some Artwork we can use in our Zazzle Shop (this will also help us with our fund raising). The Artist will be given credit in the listing as well as a link back to them.

I am also needing Music for our videos, May it be drumming from a drumming circle, or even a song or chant that your group did. Again the artist/group will be given credit and a link back.

I am also needing Artwork for our ByLaws book. I am creating a massive PDF file to use in our LuLu site so I can have a printed version so I wont have to buy black ink every week. (yep it gets printed that much!)

Many Thanks and even if you are not an artist poke your artist friend and see if they are up to our request.
Our videos get seen daily.

our E-Mial


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