Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Herbs of the "Devil"

This is taken from: Herbal Magick: A Witch’s Guide to Herbal Folklore and Enchantments by Gerina Dunwich

As any contemporary Witch, Neo-Pagan, or educated occult
historian can tell you, worship of the Christian’s devil was
never an element of the Old Religion or the Witches’ Craft.
However, the vast majority of Christians in the Middle Ages
believed otherwise. They viewed all Witches as being in league
with the Prince of Darkness, and were convinced that it was
from him that the Witches received their evil powers. This
had a big impact in the area of herbal folklore, as many of the
plants used both magickally and medicinally by Witches became
forever linked to the devil and branded with diabolical
nicknames that reflected this.

The following is a list of plants, beginning with their common
names or botanical names (in italics) and followed by
their nicknames relating to the devil:

Alaskan ginseng: devil’s club
Alstonia scholaris: devil’s tree
Asafoetida: devil’s dung
Bachelor’s buttons: devil’s flower
Belladonna: devil’s cherries
Bindweed: devil’s guts
Cassytha spp: devil’s twine
Celandine: devil’s milk
Colicroot: devil’s-bit
Datura: devil’s apple
Dill: devil-away
Dodder: devil’s guts; devil’s hair; hellweed
Elder: devil’s eye
Elephant’s foot: devil’s grandmother
Fairywand: devil’s bit
False (or white) hellebore: devil’s bite; devil’s tobacco
Fern: devil’s bush
Field convolvulus: devil’s weed
Grapple plant: devil’s claw root
Hedge bindweed: devil’s vine
Henbane: devil’s eye
Hieracium aurantiacum: devil’s paintbrush
Indigo berry: devil’s pumpkin
Jimsonweed: devil’s-apple; devil’s trumpet
Lambertia formosa: mountain devil
Mandrake: Satan’s apple
Mayapple: devil’s-apple
Mexican poppy: devil’s fig
Mistletoe: devil’s fuge
Parsley: devil’s oatmeal
Periwinkle: devil’s eye
Pothos: devil’s ivy
Pricklypear cactus: devil’s-tongue
Puffball fungus: devil’s snuffbox
Queen Anne’s lace: devil’s plague
Viper’s bugloss: bluedevil
Wild yam: devil’s-bones
Yarrow: devil’s nettle

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