Tuesday, February 15, 2011

God and Goddess of the Week

HARMONIA ; Goddess of Harmony

THANATOS ; God of Death
Good Morning / Afternoon /Evening (depending on where you are).
I hope this email finds you *all* doing well. We are still going through the Greek Pantheon. We are nearing the end , however. The next Pantheon we will cover will be the Sumerian.
As usual, any CUPWA students may receive extra credits for doing any research done on any of the Gods or Goddesses of the Week. We apologize for the delay in the posting of the God and Goddess of the Week, but as most of you know , we've had some problems with the page (among other problems) and have had to change everything around. In addition to that, Willow and myself both ... have had *mundane* things to tend to. We hope you understand. And yes, well .. sometimes .. life just happens. lol. We hope all of you are doing well and we hope that you are having a great week , that you've had a good Valentine's Day ... and we look forward to more correspondence with you all. Take good care ! Blessed Be... *Rain Dove*

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