Monday, December 6, 2010

God and Goddess Of The Week Apollo and Artemis

Apollo and Artemis
Good Monday Morning Friends, Members and CUPWA Students !
As you (hopefully) know by now, we are working our way through the pantheon of Greek Gods and Goddesses. As stated before, I will post a new God and Goddess each Monday morning. I will post their names and their representations. It is up to you to research further on each God and Goddess. If you would like to further discuss any particular God or Goddess Of The Week, please go to the discussion area at facebook and put the name of the God and/or Goddess in the subject line.
All students in the 1st Degree Lesson Plan with CUPWA will receive extra credit for any research done on any God and Goddess Of The Week !

APOLLO ; God of Hunting and Healing. Often seen with a stag and a bow and arrow.

ARTEMIS ; Goddess of Animals and Hunting. Also seen as a *Mother* Goddess in Greek speaking Asia. She is often seen winged, standing between wild animals with bow and arrow. Sometimes seen with a torch, boots and pointed cap.


  1. The one of Apollo is realy good!!<3

  2. Is there a full image of Artemis that can be easily drawn??