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The Ouija Board - A Metaphysical View

The Ouija Board - A Metaphysical View by H.P. Thomas Moore

Simply saying the name ‘Ouija Board’ brings up a variety of mixed emotions in people. Many have had experiences with this talking board in their juvenile years, and many more refuse to even acknowledge the experiences that they had. In the metaphysical world, a world filled with future psychics and spirit mediums where does the Ouija Board stand?

The Ouija Board, as I have come to understand it is a tool much like any other. The Tarot Cards, Pendulum and Crystal Ball all have their purpose in the metaphysical world, so too does the Ouija Board. Before looking into the metaphysical of this fascinating board, we need to understand where it came from.

In the 1800’s the world saw a rise in the Metaphysical and Spiritual realm. People would gather for Séances and Table Tipping in order to once again contact those that had passed from this life. During the 19th century psychics and mediums alike began to invent different ways to communicate with the dead. Some of these were rather long and tedious like table tipping, while others bean to shape the instrument we know as the talking board. One of the first was an intricate pulley system that held a pendulum. The pendulum would hang over a paper with the letters of the alphabet on it and move in accordance to questions asked by the medium. The pendulum would then point to the letters and spell out its answer. Before long this instrument began to take further shape, and a moving planchette was created in order to hover over the letters of the board.

This form of communication with the dead was one of the clearest yet, and the form of the Ouija Board took shape. In 1892 a man named William Fuld took over a toy and novelty company. Seeing the popularity of the board the mediums were using he decided to create and patent it as a toy, a product that everyone could have access to. Fuld named it the Ouija Board and sold millions of the toys dominating the competition. After Fuld’s death in 1927 the family sold the patent to Parker Brothers, who still hold it and produce this talking board today.

From device to toy the Ouija Board has been around us for years. With its background and superstition it is no wonder why those in the metaphysical world feel strongly about it. The original purpose of the board was to communicate with the dead, and it seems that it has fulfilled its purpose of that even after being packaged as a novelty toy. In fact many people have their first psychic experiences linked to the use of the Ouija Board, though not all of them are pleasant. The metaphysical world sees this talking board as a gateway to communicate with the other side, just like any other tool or ability used within the psychic realm. As they say “With great power, comes great responsibility” and the Ouija Board is not left out of the equation.

One of the things that many psychics speak of when it comes to receiving future oriented information or communicating with the dead is the idea of psychic protections. So what is a psychic protection going to do for you and why is it needed to use the Ouija Board? Before we can understand the use of protections, we need to understand energy. Energy is around us all of the time and is neither positive nor negative. The actions that a person takes with the energy give it a positive or negative charge, forcing the energy to act in a specific way. That being said, it is important to understand that there are spirits that are both positive and negative. The idea of psychic protection is to create a sacred space. This space allows all energy and spirits that are positive to enter and pushes away the spirits and energy that are negative. From a spiritual standpoint this is one of the major faults of the Ouija Board. The board does not come with a protection to use; in fact it doesn’t even mention it. Without the psychic protection, the users are allowing any entity to communicate with them whether it is positive or negative.

If you talk to some of your friends and ask them if they have used a Ouija Board, most of them will tell you the strange and sometimes frightening experiences that they had. It is due to the fact that no protections are used that the negative energies are allowed in. These types of energies ‘feed’ on the emotion of fear and so cause fear in us in order to survive. On the spirit realm a medium or even a person using the Ouija Board look like a bright shining light. The positive spirits see this as a doorway to communicate and possibly re-connect with loved ones and pass along messages, the negative spirits see this as well. Any entity that is positive does not seek out to hurt, harm or scare anyone, they simply seek to communicate and pass along messages to their loved ones. However the problem arises when the negative entities get there first. When you use the Ouija Board, the planchette moves around and spells out the answers to your questions. Often times when a negative energy is attached it will start off by being kind, maybe even telling you the truth. Then it begins to scare you in order to gain energy from your fear based reactions. The psychic protection prevents this from happening, think of it like a bouncer at the door to a club, if your not on the guest list your not getting in…period!

These protections are done in many different ways, from white light to calling forth the Archangels every religion or spiritual path has a protective method with it. Some of the newer talking boards out there do come with a protection. The Psychic Circle for example is a board that in it’s instructions tell you to say a prayer of protection before playing. The metaphysical view on the Ouija Board and talking boards in general is a mixed one. Many feel that the board can be an important tool in connecting with the other side; however it should be done in a way that is spiritually safe for the players.

Next time your at a party or a friends house and they want to play with the Ouija Board or talking board, remember to protect your area. Allow only positive spirits to enter and give their messages and you will surely have a good experience with this psychic tool.

H.P. Thomas Moore is High Priest of The Coven of L.I.G.H.T in South West Florida, as well as a professional Psychic. He teaches a variety of classes in the metaphysical field as well as Wicca and can be contacted through his site at http://inperfectloveinperfecttrust.webs.com

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