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The Aura, A Brief Introduction

The Aura, A Brief Introduction by Ned Robinson

The Aura, also known as the Human Energy Field (HEF), is an energy field that protects our bodies. It is oval, like an egg, and extends 3 to 4 feet further than our physical bodies.

The power that makes our aura begins from within and from without our physical selves. Internally, it is formed through the vibration of our cells which generate a strong current of electromagetic energy that expands outwards, past the barrier of our skin. Externally, the universe creates energy that our bodies collect. The place where our aura connects with the collective energy is not unchanging but is in a continuous stream of give and take. When the aura is strong, our physical, mental as well as spiritual wellbeing is powerful. When the aura is sick or broken, our health is reduced.


The interplay between our auras plus the universal energy is also effected by our chakras.

The 7 primary chakras and their location:

  • Root - tail of spine
  • Sacral - Tan T'ien
  • Solar Plexus - navel
  • Heart - heart
  • Throat - throat/neck
  • Third Eye - middle of forehead
  • Crown - top of head

The word Chakra means 'spinning wheels'. As our chakras spin, they also produce energy that interacts directly with our auras. When we are well, our chakras rotate freely, making a plentiful supply of energy. When we are not, our chakras decelerate, no longer giving energy back to ourselves. In acute cases, they may even rotate backwards and actually drain the energy away from us.


People have been seeing auras throughout the past. Back in the sixteenth century, the aura was referred to as the astral body. Then, in the eighteenth century, Anton Mesmer, hypothasizeda new theory of animal magnetism. To provide evidence for his theory, he administered a range of scientific experiments, unwavering to show others this phenomenon. His other experiments set out to prove the existance of a fluid-like, physchic ether that reacted to the movements of our astral bodies.

Then, early in the 20th century, Dr. Walter Kilner from St Thomas’ Hospital in London produced a machine to look at auras. He incorporated ultraviolet light to light up a faint cloud around the body. Unforunately, his experiments to utilise the machine as a method to diagnose illness were cut short because of the start of WWI.

Edgar Cayce, who is considered by many for being the "father of holistic medicine," was also able to see auras. He used this gift when he worked together with his clients. He had learned to understand the aura's shape, volume and color and what it meant about their physical condition. He dedicated what turned out to be the final year of his life composing the state-of-the-art reference book about auras together with his associate Thomas Sugrue. Sadly, Cayce died before the manuscript could be finished. As a result, instead of an extensive reference book, a twenty page pamplet was published entitled Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Colors. Luckily, the excellent data in that report makes up for it's diminutive size. It remains a popular reference guide to this day.

Seeing Auras

Possesing the ability to see and feel auras is an important part of energy healing. For example, I had a patient who was suffering from a persistent cough. She had gone to a health care provider, had an x-ray, but they could not find the reason for the cough. She then came to me for a Reiki session. Around a quarter of an hour into the healing session, I found that her aura had a big gap in it, directly above her chest. I used Reiki to repair the hole in her aura. When I checked up on her a few days later, she happily reported to me that her cough was gone. It has not returned to this day.

It isn't difficult to learn to see auras. We don't have to be born with the natural gifts of people like Edgar Cayce. With a little practice, you will be quickly able to see the aura's first layer that is nearest to the skin. That layer is a faint, blue-gray and it radiates outward only about ½ inch. Then, as you practice and build up your abilities, you will be able to see the complete aura which extends 3-4 feet beyond our body.

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