Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Earth Healing Meditation

Earth Healing Meditation by Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Dalke

Meditation is a focusing or concentration of one's mental energy until one has reached a perfect stillness of the mind. With practice, meditation will allow one to realize the true self. There are several steps one can take to promote a successful meditation. First, one should create a sacred space in which he or she is comfortable. One's environment can greatly influence his or her success in meditation. Correct posture can also significantly contribute to one's meditative practice. One should sit in the posture that is most comfortable to oneself. When one is not comfortable, the discomfort can become distracting to the mind and can disrupt one's focus. Next, one should begin focused breathing and begin concentration. When stillness is achieved, one should retain it as long as possible until the end of the meditation session (at least 10 to 15 minutes).

Crystals can be used in meditation to help one concentrate and to focus his or her mind's energy. Crystals amplify one's intentions and thoughts which raise his or her energy vibration, promoting conscious awareness. One's thoughts become more pure through meditation with crystals; they become filled with love and light for the good of all beings.

This meditation was developed to send healing energy to the earth. When done with proper intent, it can combat the effects of pollution, global warming, and other negative environmental conditions in order help to return Mother Earth to a more wholesome state of being. This meditation is most effective when utilizing a Chrysocolla stone or one Azurite stone and one Malachite stone

Sit or stand in a comfortable position with the soles of your feet flat on the ground (no shoes please). Center yourself; begin to attune yourself to the earth's energy (you may wish to use a picture or some other symbol).

Begin circular breathing. Breathe in healing white universal light through your root chakra. See the light traveling up your chakras to the crown chakra. Exhale the light through your throat chakra back down to the basal chakra and breathe in the light again. Imagine the light like a wave. Imagine this wave of light moving in and out of your body like the tide. Now, expand the light so that it is a continuous loop of healing energy moving through your ethereal and physical bodies.

Imagine your chakras opening. Begin at the base chakra and picture a red swirling vortex of energy. Focus your attention on making this red energy very bright. Next, move up to the sacral chakra and imagine an orange energy vortex. Proceed through the chakras in this manner using yellow light at the solar plexus, green and pink at the heart, blue at the throat, indigo at the third eye, and violet at the crown.

Pick up your stone(s) (or place in front of you) and begin to focus your energy on earth-healing. Imagine the earth being covered with trees and flowers, with beautiful, flowing rivers, and being in a great state of health. Imagine it surrounded by white, healing light. Begin to further connect yourself to the earth by focusing on the two crystals. Start to pull in white healing light energy through your crown chakra. Next, imagine your legs and feet turning into roots and growing deep into the earth. Begin to transfer the white light from your crown, down through the chakras, and through your legs, out the roots, and into the earth.

Focus your attention on energizing the earth and on sending it love and healing light. Thank the earth if you wish. Spend some time sending these healing energies while continuing your circular breathing.

When you feel you are ready, imagine the roots loosening from the earth and resuming being your legs. Slowly come back to conscious awareness.

Certified Crystal Healer Ashley Dalke
(630) 254-4685

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