Monday, February 28, 2011

Herb of The Day: Acacia

*Disclaimer: Before using any herbal remedy or regiment consult with your physician, Some herbs may interact with current medication, One may be allergic to one without knowing. Please use responsible.*

Acacia (acacia senegal)
Folk Names: Cape Gum, Gum Arabic Tree, Egyptian Thorn
Gender: Hot: Plants influence is stimulating, aggressive, electric, and/or positive.
Planet: Sun: Rules all operations involving employers, promotions, friendships, healing, divine power, labor, world leaders.
Element: Air: Schooling, memory, intellectualism, teaching, tests, divination, communications, travel, writing, organizing and organizations, groups of all kinds, theorizing, drug addiction.
Associated Deities: Osiris, Astarte, Ishtar, Diana
Parts Used: Twigs, wood
Basic Powers: protection, Clairvoyance
Specific Uses: Burn with sandalwood during meditation to seek illumination, and develop the psychic powers. Carry the wood as a protective amulet.

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