Monday, January 24, 2011

God and Goddess Of The Week

GAIA ; Goddess of the Earth. Archetypal Earth Mother. Primordial essence of Earth. The Mother of the Seas and the Heavens. She had an oracle at Delphi that predates Apollo. In Hellenic times, she becomes known as Demeter, the Grain Mother. Her attributes are that of a cornucopia and fruit.

ATLAS ; The Upholder of the Sky
Good Afternoon/Evening to all members and students ! Greek Pantheon rolls forward .. onward we go ....
A reminder is sent every week to all CUPWA students about receiving extra credits for any research done on any one of the Gods or Goddesses of the week. And another reminder to everyone who might wish to discuss a particular God or Goddess -- please be sure and go to the Discussion tab on the Facebook Fan Page. Then, post the God's or the Goddess's name in the subject line and begin your questions and/or conversations. Thanks! We do hope all of you have a great week. May the Gods watch over you and yours. Rain Dove

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