Monday, June 28, 2010

The Passing of Morningstar

Beloved Friends and Family of Morningstar,
We are in shock and mourning today by the news of the loss of our deeply beloved sister Lindy "Morningstar" Morris who, after a tragic accident yesterday in New Jersey, crossed into the Spirit World to open her wings and fly homeward. ... See moreMorningstar is loved the world over and we send our love, prayers and support to her beloved children, sister, parents and family in Australia. Her love had no bounds and she got deeply into the hearts of all us here in America. She will never, ever be forgotten.

Here we honor our beautiful Aussie sister Lindy Morningstar, (Previously Lindy Little Wing) who had the vision to be the first Australia Tour Host of the Grandmother Drum International Peace Project in 2002 and who came to America to volunteer and tour with The Grandmother Drum Project in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala throughout 2005-2007. She continued in 2008-2010 to tour her own medicine work, "Wings Across the World" with many of the Drum Project's USA host sites. Lindy lived with us all, loved with us, cried with us, prayed with us, sang with us, danced with us and laughed with us all. She is indeed a pure soul, who loved all, cared for all living beings, had a childlike innocence, was tender at heart and lived full of joy. Her love for our animals brothers and sisters was extraordinary and her generosity of spirit unmatched. She was loved by so many hearts across the world and may she now continue her mission and fully take her " Wings Across the World." WE LOVE YOU MORNINGSTAR!


RECENT VIDEO of Morningstar Playing Flute:

Morningstar's last post on Facebook ( truly Morningstar!)

"Arrived in Philadelphia last Thursday - had a ball walking through the airport , wearing my long kangaroo tail vest and the new bull snake rattle, which did not fit completely into the backpack, but hung out about 6 inches - so funny standing in the security line with curious passengers, peering over my shoulder to ask - is that a snake in your bag?..."

Our blessings to all,

White Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth)
Director, International Healer and DrumKeeper
The GrandMother Drum Intl. Peace Project
The Whirling Rainbow Foundation
Po Box 2822
Palmer, Alaska 99645


  1. Beautifully done Willow

  2. Even tough I did not have the pleasure of meeting this woman in person this has helped me to connect & feel her presence around me! Thank you for sharing! Tammy